Friday, August 31, 2012

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Complaints - Be Aware Of Them

Buy here pay here car lot complaints are a definite, tangible issue. Just like everything else in this world, getting a used car through buy here pay here dealers, even with all the benefits it can offer, still has its drawback.

Good buy here pay here car lots [] are born from the ashes of every hardworking folk’s need for affordable vehicles. As other dealers was constantly turning down people looking for credit, there are good dealerships that come into the picture by presenting quality vehicles to the public with. The buy here pay here has been a pretty successful one. Not always though. Every now and then, we hear of some people complaining about how they had experienced problems with the services that these lots has promised. For example, look at this:

on june 6 2012 i purchased a 2005 chevy trailblazer from drivetime in Roebuck. Two weeks after i purchased the truck the check engine light and the rpm needle was messing up. I took the truck in and they replaced the thermostat and lied to me and told me that the rpm was fixed. its now August and the radio has stopped working when i fill the truck up the gas gauge goes off into the empty space. ...


So I would urge everyone to be careful if you are planning to buy from these lots. It's not just the higher prices or interest rates, but also the reliability of the cars that matter. Overall, you can take a look here to get a more complete look at both sides of the matter.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Can You Trust Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers?

Can you trust buy here pay here car dealers? This is the type of question that many may be asking if they are caught between a rock and a hard place. A person may need a car to go to work or attend to their business and create an income. Yet he or she just doesn't have the cash. You find that these buy here pay here car programs may be willing to offer you a deal. What do you do?

I will blog about my thoughts on that question. But first, I thought I would start this blog post on a more light hearted note. I found this funny video about an Ad from a buy here pay here car lots place in North Carolina. I have no idea what their reputation is, or if they could offer a good deal to car buyers with bad credit. But their ads really epitomize what the allure of these car lots are all about.

They even invented a character called Rev Rob who is willing to help people in need get a car. They emphasize that applicants do not need any credit, and "you job is your credit." Check this out:

Now, it's true that these buy here pay here auto dealers can really give you a leg up. You can read all about this at the People with little or no credit occasionally find themselves looking to purchase a second hand car via buy here pay here used car lots. Being able to drive off with a car with hardly any cash down seems like a great option. But there are also disadvantages to such deals.

First of all, you have to realize that stepping into these car lots will mean higher prices. Yes, buy here pay here car dealers usually charge a higher price for their automobiles than what you can find if you have the money to purchase and pay in full elsewhere. They need to do so to cover the potential risks of default because of the lack of credit checks.

Secondly, these car dealers are extremely strict when it comes to repossessing car if the buyer is late with payments. They want to protect themselves from the risk of never seeing any money or the vehicle again after extending the car loan. A customer may think being a few days late is no big deal, but not the buy here pay here car dealer who sold them the car.

Once you understand that this is how buy here pay here programs work, you can think and analyze through your own situation and decide if this is for you or not. There are bad credit car dealers out there who are good to work with and will provide a decent deal and after sales warranty and service.

Then there are the more scammy ones who try to take advantage of people's bad credit situation by upping the price to the wazoo, as well tag on monstrously high interest rates. Here are some tips to differentiate the good buy here pay here car dealerships from the lesser ones:

It may still be worth the cost if you fail to obtain a car through any other means. But it has to be the remaining choice after looking at all other choices. Don't simply assume it's the best choice, and compare costs as well as advantages before you make a decision.

In general, I think one needs to be careful when choosing to buy a used car from buy here pay here car dealers. But there are honest ones out there. You just need to search through and find the good ones.