Friday, August 31, 2012

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Complaints - Be Aware Of Them

Buy here pay here car lot complaints are a definite, tangible issue. Just like everything else in this world, getting a used car through buy here pay here dealers, even with all the benefits it can offer, still has its drawback.

Good buy here pay here car lots [] are born from the ashes of every hardworking folk’s need for affordable vehicles. As other dealers was constantly turning down people looking for credit, there are good dealerships that come into the picture by presenting quality vehicles to the public with. The buy here pay here has been a pretty successful one. Not always though. Every now and then, we hear of some people complaining about how they had experienced problems with the services that these lots has promised. For example, look at this:

on june 6 2012 i purchased a 2005 chevy trailblazer from drivetime in Roebuck. Two weeks after i purchased the truck the check engine light and the rpm needle was messing up. I took the truck in and they replaced the thermostat and lied to me and told me that the rpm was fixed. its now August and the radio has stopped working when i fill the truck up the gas gauge goes off into the empty space. ...


So I would urge everyone to be careful if you are planning to buy from these lots. It's not just the higher prices or interest rates, but also the reliability of the cars that matter. Overall, you can take a look here to get a more complete look at both sides of the matter.

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