Monday, September 3, 2012

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Can Help Sometimes

Life throws us curveballs, and most of us have experienced financial hardship at one time or other in our lives. If you are going through financial doldrums but need a car to get moving, one typical way to do this is to utilize buy here pay here car dealerships.

Yup, through these bad credit financing car lots, you can wind up having a vehicle in spite of poor credit. Folks obtain used cars from these dealers because they do not need to place down lots of cash to drive off with a car. It is one way to buy a car with bad credit. Like anything else in our lives, there are good and bad points to this. You may well be in a position to drive away with a car for very little money, but you end up having to pay in other ways.

Lack Of Credit History

A lack of credit history is why a lot of people get rejected for traditional automobile loans. It could be people who have minimal credit scores, or individuals who have just quit college and have not had a chance to build a credit history. Getting turned down because of their car loans from some other car lots have driven a number of people into the gates of buy here pay here auto lots. Another factor is that they do not have a great deal in their banking accounts. Probably they may be down to their last $850 in funds and need a motor vehicle desperately to secure a job.

Buy here pay here auto lots fund car purchases on their car lots directly. They just don't rely on outside loan providers to accept car loans. Product sales are completed without additional interference, and these auto lots are ready to assist bad credit clients. These car lots generally focus on cheap old used cars in their inventories. Doing this, they make sure that they're able to sell a car for a profitable price without it being very costly for their customers.

However ...

However, the picture is not completely rosy. There have also been lots of complaints against these type of car purchases. You can read about it on my post here. One common issues found in buy here pay here user reviews is how they are being sold “junk vehicles.” Usually, these are older vehicles that have already maximized their mileage.

They always discover the problems right after purchase. And when they run back to the company for help, things usually tend to get worse - either they discover their purchased used cars were having some real issues to begin with (not in good running condition, as advertised, albeit falsely), or how they get totally frustrated with the dealer's bad after-purchase support. They point out how they invested a good portion of their small fortunes just to get their cars and it turned out they have to invest more unnecessarily just to make it run.

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